Ep. 2 – BioShock and the Underwater Utopian Enclave of Rapture

Referenced in the show:

Rapture Metro and the Bathysphere

First anthropomorphic deep-sea diving suit by Carmagnolle, patented in 1882. Photo: Myrabella/Wikimedia Commons
BioShock’s “Big Daddy” suit — see the resemblance?

For more on the real-world bathysphere, check out the 99% Invisible Podcast and their blog post here: http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/bathysphere/

Art & Architecture

IGN interview with Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson where they mention the use of Art Deco/low-poly art design. (Note this interview contains content about the sequel BioShock Infinite, which Worlds of Gamespace will cover in a later podcast episode). http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/03/19/comparing-bioshock-to-bioshock-infinite

Miscellaneous Gameplay Screenshots 

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