Jillian Crandall is a full-time Architect and part-time gamer who hopes to positively shape user’s experience of the built environment through design, and who hopes for positive design experiences of all kinds to shape her perceptions of the world. You can find some of her work at www.jilliancrandall.net.

Jillian values the communication of ideas and evolving dialogues, and has been a guest critic in several architectural studio reviews. She has guest-taught at Columbia GSAPP, Pratt GAUD, and RPI SoA.

As an architect and researcher, Jillian is focused on local and global networks in building systems, infrastructure, and urban design. As a writer, she is focused on speculative and experimental fiction. Combined with her love of games and belief in the power of gaming experience, she decided to create the blog and podcast “Worlds of Gamespace” to explore the overlap and productive tensions between video games, architecture, urbanism, and evolving modes of inhabitation.

Though the podcast may verge on the academic — overanalyzing, and drawing parallels where none may have been intended — this is tantamount to the legitimacy of video games in theory and as art form (one vastly under-appreciated). But more than an art, good games are an experience — one we can inhabit — if not physically (as in VR), then mentally. This is Gamespace.

There are an infinite amount of worlds that can exist within Gamespace, and their design is virtually limitless (well, GPU aside). The potentials are vast.

We may get deep here, but above all we play for fun. We play to escape our day. We play to get carried away.


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